thank you umma thank you thank you thank you

can’t say it enough

i can only fart to my heart’s content when my roommates are out

2014 10 14

-congrats sally on not falling asleep in chem and getting a compliment from your math teacher who looks sorta like nicholas cage and talks like hank green

-i still can’t believe ryan brought home an entire pizza

-ate at dining hall alone for the first time today for breakfast and tbh it was pretty relaxing albeit odd?… i could eat completely at my own pace and read a little haha. 

-i realized again how much support you feel from people with ppl in your religion… it was super comforting to meet the people who will do their best to support you no matter what @v@ 

-met steve’s close friend who we snapchatted when we were in korea together at a club meeting today… the world is small haha

-going home this weekend!! yahoooo time for persimmons

from the room to the left of us (room that blasts rap music) 

i can hear this guy screaming “FUCK YOU” over and over

this has been going on for a minute straight

i also heard something break

oo now the door just slammed

how interesting

being alone in dorm room is at once a relaxing and quiet and nice time and an odd lonely time??? i wish our floor got along with each other @__@ 

being alone in dorm room is at once a relaxing and quiet and nice time and an odd lonely time??? i wish our floor got along with each other @__@ 


what the hell is calc

so i’m not a big party person

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it’s been a few days since i’ve moved in u-u

-i sorta wish classes would start but at the same time i wish they wouldn’t bc i feel like zero week days are so packed i haven’t had time to catch up on kdrama… or do chem prep… or study for the korean placement test… figure out where my classes are.. aaaaa 

-i watched once upon a time for the first time in my life and it was aight lol sorry thuy. it was frozen?????? but with real people???? disorienting haha there were hot people and bad cgi. i think i saw someone post about ouat lesbian prinesses but unfortunately no lesbian princesses in this episode… i started falling asleep towards the end 

-i’m hella thankful for my roommates bc they are fun to talk to and rly nice and reasonable!!!!!!!!!!!!! but not loud or obnoxious and esp with brenna it’s really comfortable in silence if that makes sense. also no drugs yay. who knows i might end up hating them as we live together longer but for now i think i got rly lucky

-there was a sort of ihs reunion yesterday which was fun clara i missed u so much bc there was fun silent football but you will always be my #1 miss comissioner q~q 

-the food is great bplate makes me feel super healthy and feast plays kpop and there is salad everywhere. i have to walk 5-15 min uphill to eat at those places tho the struggle

-i want to skype eunice so bad but our home phone is broken so there is like no way to contact her besides email/fb/snapchat uuuugugugugu i wanna feel da love!!!! eunice why!!?!???!? eunice if u see this pls skype me!!?!?!??!??

-activities fair was today and there were a gazillion clubs omg. i found my buddhist club so that was gr8 and there were a lot of premed clubs + korean clubs (except like 75% are christian korean clubs haha). it was so funny bc one of the clubs i was gonna join (KASA) but then i saw that they were having a hookah night and i was like… no… haha. i’m trying to sign up for Iike pilates classes and also lifting bc i want to pass the fitness reqs for being an emt @-@ 

-my period started today great

last mtg (for now) with the district buddhist fam :,)

last mtg (for now) with the district buddhist fam :,)